Iris Season
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Iris Season

May 22, 2017

Iris Season

Batik Iris
Batik Iris

It would be really difficult to choose a favorite flower, but I think it would ultimately be the iris. I love all of the different types and colors, and how they open at different times throughout spring. Every year I find myself buying 5 or so new varieties and trading with friends to expand my collection. Last year was no different. It’s Iris season and I am enjoying watching them open.

Dwarf Iris

Each year, my dwarf irises come in first with offering an explosion of color. My yellow ones always open first followed by my purple ones. They range from 10-15 inches in height. Here in Connecticut, my dwarfs have just finished blooming.

Intermediate Iris

As they stop blooming, my next wave of irises start. These include my intermediate bearded irises that tend to range from 16-28 inches in height. I love to interplant these in my tulip and daffodil beds. They come in an endless amount of colors and combinations.

Tall Iris

Tall bearded irises tend to range from 28-40 inches in height. They generally start to bloom after the intermediate irises. However, some of my tall irises will bloom at the same time depending on where they are planted and the type.

Iris Close Up

Siberian and Japanese Iris

There are a couple of more iris types that I don’t want to leave out. I have multiple types of Siberian irises growing in my gardens as well. They are very low maintenance and have thinner foliage. Other than dividing them every three to five years, they demand very little attention.

Siberian Iris
Siberian Iris

I also have collected several varieties of Japanese irises. These are a beardless iris that tends to bloom anywhere from June to July. This type requires more moisture for best performance. This is the only iris that I mulch. Last year, mine did not do so well do to the lack of rainfall. I was scared to water them as often as they needed due to concern for my well. I hope to have some great pictures to share this year.

If you do not have any irises, I would highly recommend adding some to you landscape. For more information about iris care, please check the following link:

Iris Care

If you have any questions about irises, I am happy to help.

Happy Gardening!

Gina Ritchie

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