April: National Garden Month
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April: National Garden Month

April 23, 2017

April: National Garden Month

April: National Garden Month
Last Year’s Garden in Spring

It would seem wrong not to post about National Garden Month on a blog devoted to cooking and gardening. Truth is, despite how much I love gardening, I just learned that April is  “National Garden Month” a little while ago. However, I can assure you that much of my focus this month has been on gardening.

Vegetable Gardens

In early April, I eagerly perused my favorite seed catalog from Baker Creek (you can check out their link here: http://www.rareseeds.com) and began creating a sketch of this year’s vegetable garden layout. Two weeks ago, my husband and I went to my favorite seed store, Comstock Ferre (a vendor of Baker Creek seeds in Old Wethersfield CT) and bought our heirloom seeds. You can learn more about Comstock Ferre at http://www.heirloommkt.com.

Comstock Ferre: Baker Creek Seeds
Comstock Ferre Fresh Produce

Thanks to the help of my husband, my vegetable beds are turned over, and I have started planting. My peas actually went in late this year due to the unusual weather patterns we have been experiencing. I also just put in my beets and hope to get the seeds for my greens in tomorrow.

Peas in July

Perennial Gardens

In addition to bringing my vegetable garden back to life, I have been waking my perennial gardens up from their winter’s nap. Although, we spend a great deal of time picking leaves up in the fall, my beds always have a nice blanket on them in early spring.

April: National Garden Month

Once the danger of heavy frost seems to have passed, I gently remove this cover and watch everything come back to life. At this point most of my perennials have poked their heads up and many of my trees have started to flower.

April: Garden Month

My next step will be to order my mulch. Last year I used 14 cu. yards. After doing extensive research I located a company that will deliver me cedar mulch in bags for close to the same price as I can by it lose. This is definitely worth it. I am debating how much I need for this year.

Finally, if we have a nice day tomorrow, I hope to complete my first mow of the season. This always makes everything pop.

If you would like ideas for gardening projects, please visit the following link: http://www.nationalgardenmonth.org

I would love to hear what garden projects you are working on. As always, please let me know if you have any questions I can assist with.

Happy Gardening!

Gina Ritchie

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